Thursday, March 14, 2019

Follow Up

It's only Monday, and I'm already giving up on productivity for the week. Generally, if I don't have a good, productive Monday, the rest of the week is shot. I'm doing lots of things... I'm just not getting anything done, if that makes sense. My big accomplishment for the day is that I put on a bra. It's the only task I've been able to start and finish.

(It's Thursday now. I've had that kind of week).

My kids... oh my kids! Particularly the two little tornadoes. Oi! I can't keep up with them. Today has been spent saying "NO!" a lot and chasing scooters and bikes out of the house. I figure if I'm giving up on productivity, I might as well plop down on the couch and blog while everything continues to fall apart around me.

(Still true for Thursday).

Today Three days ago, I thought I'd do some follow ups to some old blog posts.


A couple of weeks ago I ordered an exercise bike online. On the day it was supposed to arrive, I got an email saying my order had been canceled because they were out of stock. I was so sad. Now I have no bike. But I went ahead and spent that money on bakeware. So instead of cycling while I watch TV, I'll have to make brownies.

Update: I did end up making brownies, but not in my new bakeware. I still haven't used the bakeware.


Even though everything else in my life is falling apart, I am doing very well with Personal Progress. It has been such a great experience, and I have seen miracles come into my life from it. I'm in awe of what a blessing it has been.

I want to write about some of the things I've done to meet my requirements, but I'll save that for another post. This week I started working on a few of my value projects.


Almost a month ago, I got sick. In fact, the whole family took turns. Nicky, Daisy, and I got the worst of it. For Scotty, Zoe, and Eva, it was relatively quick and easy. I'm not entirely sure what we had, but I suspect influenza. I slept for a day and a half straight. I haven't kicked the cough yet or gotten my voice back all the way. I'm still tired, which is part of the reason why I'm just letting things fall apart around me a we speak.


As far as KonMari goes, I've tackled most of the things I have control over. Some of the remaining issues continue to be my kids' bedrooms and the garage and sheds. Scotty started working on the garage and sheds last weekend, and he is doing really well. I'm so proud of him. He has blessed and released several items that he never would have parted with if he hadn't seen the results on the inside of our house. I've slowed down a lot lately (mostly from being sick) and haven't kept up with things as well as I was a month ago, so my house is a little messy right now. KonMari or no, my house will always be messy because too many creative people live here (my kids and their daily art projects... I can't even!)

I tried folding my kids' clothes Marie Kondo's way. It ended badly, as I suspected it would, so I'm not even going to try to keep up on that. I have kept Scotty's and my underwear and sock drawers nicely folded, though. Come to my house, and I will show you my underwear!


Today I was able to help another mom at Cafe Rio by lending her my purse scissors to trim her kids' straws. I'd like to think I'm a super hero now. 

What has to thumbs and deserves a cape? THIS GIRL!

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