Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Currently {February 2015 Edition}

Reading: Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach. It's sci-fi, and totally not my thing, so I'm not sure if I'll stick with it. Over the past few months, I've ready one fantasy (Seraphina by Rachel Hart) and one mystery (The Impersonator by Mary Miley) which are also "not my thing," so I feel like I've really overachieved lately.

Edit: I finished Fortune's Pawn and really enjoyed it, however, it has some mild swearing and one passionate moment that may not be suitable for all readers.

Watching: Master Chef Jr. The finale is next week during our Cub Scouts' Blue & Gold Banquet, which is SUCH a bummer (I'll have to see if my mom will DVR it for me). These are the types of problems a desperate primary president runs into when she calls her husband to be a den leader. I guess Nicky and I could skip the B&G Banquet... Hmmm...

Procrastinating: homework. It's the middle of the semester, so I officially have no motivation left.

Wanting: a new bathrobe (must be terry cloth).

Craving: nothing. Everything tastes terrible. Two more months until food tastes good again! I can't wait!

Wearing: jammies. I am blogging in bed. Because that's what people with Wi-Fi do.

Relieved by: nothing. I'm in "high stress mode" right now, and I can't think of one thing to be relieved about. Okay, I guess I can be relieved that my kids are all asleep right now. That's always nice. 

Missing: knowing my body. Pregnancy is so unpredictable. I never know if I'm going to have energy, if I'm going to be sick, if I'm going to be in pain, if I'm going to start crying for no reason in a the middle of a meeting... I miss the reliability of my non-pregnant body. 

Neglecting: my hair. It needs some professional help.

Thankful for: my amazing husband. Holy moly, I am one lucky girl. 

Looking forward to: mid-terms next week. I'm weird; I like taking tests!

Loving: hot, hot showers. I've had a lot of sinus infections this winter (I always do), and I have back pain and rib pain from pregnancy, so hot showers are my relief. I love sticking my head in the hot water and letting it pour on my face to relieve my sinuses. In fact, I think I'll go do that right now...

Almost Modern

Here at the Brittish household, we're a little "behind on the times."

For example, we still had dial-up internet in 2007. No one had dial-up internet in 2007! Just us.

I used the same cell phone from 2002-2011. Then I finally got a Blackberry (Blackberries were no longer cool by then). I am still using that same Blackberry...  Four years later.

We just got iPads last year. They are a 1 & a 2, and the only reason we bought them is because they were $30 each (used). They've been kind of pointless for us to own, though, because we've never had Wi-Fi.

We don't have a Blu-Ray player or any type of cable or dish. In fact, our DVD player broke a while ago, so we use an old Play Station 2 (from 2002) to watch movies. We still have (and use) two VCRs. We don't have a Netflix account.

Our main TV is one of those gigantic big screens from the 90's. It's square, so some of the image from each side of the screen is always cut off. It requires a digital converter box.

We got a little bit of money for Christmas, so we went wild last month and bought what we consider to be a huge technological advancement: a 32" flat screen TV for our bedroom. Our first flat TV (I better clarify that it's not a smart TV - that would be too big of a step! It's the cheapest TV we could find with good ratings, hardly an investment piece).

And yesterday...

We got Wi-Fi.

So in a month, we've advanced from 2006 to 2010. It's like we've been frozen and we just thawed and awoke in an entirely new era.

Now we just have to keep it secret from our kids. We don't want them to know how almost-modern we are!