Sunday, February 3, 2019

Currently {February 2019 Edition}

Reading: Refugee by Alan Gratz (a Beehive Award nominee) and Dare to Lead  by Brene Brown.

Listening to: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Cold.

Watching: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (like everyone else). I have been saving the last two episodes for when I need motivation.

Craving: Soda. I did very well staying away from soda for a few weeks, but over the past week I've had several tempting moments.

Also Moochies. Always. I ate there last week, and I'm not even kidding when I say that it was so beautiful I almost cried. The fries were so hot and fresh, and the sandwich was perfect.

I can't even.

Singing: "Sugar." I'm blogging fresh off the Super Bowl Half-Time.

Stressing about: The chaos that comes with the first week of the month. I have to do the birthday poster for the school, I'm due for volunteer hours at the school, and I sit in on my girls' dance classes this week (which span three days) so there are extra efforts that need to be made in getting my kids everywhere they need to be. We also need to take Nicky to orientation for junior high, which falls at a time during the week when we have three other places to be (dance, scouts, and Young Men). Tonight during our family council we have to work out all the logistics.

Buying: Hopefully nothing. Our freezer is jam packed, so we really need to spend a few weeks eating what we already have! How do I make myself do it? I kind of rely on grocery shopping as a therapeutic escape. We will need milk, though. Can I make it two weeks with only buying milk? CAN I??? Because I really need to.

Trying: To decide if there's some way I can hold myself accountable and not buy any groceries. Having a blog is a good resource for that, right? Should I commit to documenting all my food preparation and purchases for two weeks? I'm thinking about it...

Missing: Disneyland.

Loving: Having a clean closet. I went KonMari on that thing, and it's so nice.

Frustrated by: My children's inability to keep anything clean and organized. I spent a good chunk of time wiping rocky road ice cream off Wii games this morning.

Looking forward to: Going to see Wicked soon! I bought tickets back in November and then texted Scotty, "Hey, thanks for the birthday present!"

Neglecting: My toenails. I keep them nicely trimmed, but they are still sporting the polish I wore for my brother's wedding.

In July.


Moving on.

Thankful for: My family, my home, my van, and my ability to see, speak, walk, sing, and all the other amazing things I take for granted each day. I also really love that my eyeballs currently have nothing in them and that my nose is currently clear.

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