Saturday, March 2, 2019

Currently {March 2019 Edition}

Reading: Resistance by Jennifer A. Nielsen and Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. These two books and The Hiding Place by Corie Ten Boom all got checked out to me on Overdrive during the same week. I finished The Hiding Place a few days ago and started the other two, and I'm a little over-saturated with the common themes. Too much all at once. Alas, I press forward... because books.

(This is my second time reading The Hiding Place and Code Name Verity).

Craving: An egg salad sandwich. I have eggs in the pot right now, but I like them to be chilled for my sandwiches, so I'm planning on an after-church egg salad sandwich tomorrow. With Ruffles. Oh how I love those salty ridges! 

On another note, Nicky makes fun of me for using the word "chilled" to describe food temperature.

Update: Since my initial draft of this post, I have moved on to craving hot dogs, so now I'm planning on grilling hot dogs after church. There will still be Ruffles, but sadly, I have a canker on my tongue, so the salt is going to be a beast. I'll make it work... somehow...

Singing: "High Hopes" by Panic at the Disco. It's in the head.

Stressing about: Things that aren't my problem. I have a habit of getting caught up in things that have nothing to do with me (or that have very little to do with me), and I let them wear me out. My mantra for today is, "Not my problem." I just have to convince myself that it's truly not my problem.

Buying: An exercise bike. It will be here next week. I haven't told Scotty yet.

Update: I told Scotty. I can tell he doesn't think I'll use it. But I promise I will! At least for the first few days...

Trying: To keep my cool with  my kids today. Something inside me snapped this morning, and I turned into this raging monster. I can't even blame PMS - the usual culprit. I've just hit my wits' end with the kids. 

Missing: My voice. I am still recovering from being sick almost two weeks ago. I have a lingering cough, and I'm lacking that umph that helps me yell speak with conviction at my kids. Luckily tomorrow is stake conference so I don't have to do singing time. Last week, those high, squeaky primary songs about did me in.

Loving: My bed. I have these memory foam pillows that I love, and a comforter that's super cozy (but it makes me sweat to death, so I'm going to have to make a change there soon). I'm quite looking forward to sleeping tonight, sweat and all.

Frustrated by: Little Miss Zoe waking up at 5:00 in the morning lately. She comes bounding in my room all carpe diem and whatnot, and I groggily tell her that it's the middle of the night, and she needs to go back to bed (I've been known to lie to my kids. Whatever). But she's so full of big ideas that she can't sleep! She needs to play Minecraft, make a paper purse for her teacher, and decorate her bike for the 4th of July parade that's four months away. Sigh...

Today I told her she couldn't decorate or make anything because she didn't clean up her messes from yesterday's creations. All day I had to listen to statements like, "I'm not making anything, I'm just cutting this piece of paper up and putting the pages together like a book, and I just need some crayons and a stapler" and "I'm not decorating, I'm just taping crepe paper to the ceiling fan."

Regretting: Eating an entire loaf of French bread this afternoon. I felt so sick afterward, and it was particularly horrible because I dipped it in vinegar and oil, so as the bread expanded in my gut, it pushed the vinegar taste up my throat.

I'll probably do it again someday. I never learn.

Hoping to: Eat Oreos in my bed after the kids go to sleep.

Okay, so maybe I have some food problems. 

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