Thursday, July 19, 2018

How to Attend a Donny & Marie Concert in 10 Simple Steps

Step 1: Buy tickets

Justify the expense by worrying that Donny could die before you get another chance to see him. When you look at it that way, it's not hard to throw down some dollars.

(Long live Donny, but still... he's not getting any younger).

Step 2: Convince your bestie to drive in from Boise

(It won't be hard)

Step 3: Wait for your friend to pick you up

Step 4: Make your neighbor take a picture of you together

It helps if one of your other besties gives you a Donny Osmond sign for your birthday.

Step 5: Drive to the concert venue

Step 6: Buy Donny & Marie flip flops

Step 7: Cheer, sing, clap, and woohoo.

Step 8: Convince an older gentleman in a beret to take a picture of you

(His name is Curtis)

Step 9: Laugh because Curtis takes his photographer gig very seriously but still manages to take at least three pictures of his finger

Step 10: Drive home singing "Soldier of Love."

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