Friday, August 25, 2017


You know the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? I'm pretty much living it, but with no cookie.

A few weeks ago, I started doing some little home improvement projects around the house. It began with patching walls in the living room. Then I retextured the walls. Then I painted.

And since I painted the living room, I needed to paint the stairwell. I had to take the banister down to paint the stairwell, so I figured I should refinish the banister while it's down. And if I was going to do that banister, I should do the banister on the other set of stairs so they would match.

And since the living room was painted, I also needed to paint the kitchen, but first I had to patch the holes and do some texturing. And since the walls are getting painted, it doesn't make any sense to not paint the cabinets also, which means I need Scotty to add crown moulding to them. And if I'm going to paint the cabinets, I should do the counter tops as well, which means I need to scrape off all the caulk. And then we might as well move one of the cabinets up so we can hang a microwave over our stove... but that means we need to buy a microwave. And then the microwave won't match the stove, so I'll need to buy a new stove!

Amidst all of this chaos, I saw that the flooring I want is on sale, so I bought the flooring. But when we ripped out the banister to refinish it, we discovered some issues with our floor... and the banister.



{just a few snippets of the damage}

Now we need to build a new balustrade and rip up our entire kitchen subfloor.

So my whole kitchen is torn apart, and it was really just an accident.

And it all happened because I patched a few holes in the wall.

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Sus said...

That's one of my favorite stories! You definitely need some cookies now. ;)