Saturday, July 13, 2019

Christmas in July

For Christmas last year, Scotty (kind of) bought me Hugh Jackman tickets. I say "kind of" because I caused a few problems. You see, Scotty and Brian (my friend Christie's husband) had secretly conspired to buy us the tickets, but Christie and I had also secretly conspired to buy ourselves tickets. So Scotty and were both online trying to by tickets... for me.

Scotty will tell you that I am not fun to buy gifts for. I confess, I don't make it easy. 

Luckily Scotty caught on that I was trying to buy tickets, so he told me that he wanted to get them for me for Christmas. I then had to tell Christie that she was getting a ticket from Brian for Christmas. And then I told Scotty to buy four because I knew I would have at least two other friends who would want to come!

The tickets were purchased in early December, and then we waited the long seven months until July 11th.

Our friends Carlie and Lynsie joined us for the concert, and you guys!



It was just really, really good. 

So good, in fact, that the minute I got home, I looked up tickets for the next night's show (after we bought tickets, they announced a second date). I would have done it! I would have bought tickets for the second night!

And there were several options still available!

The thing that stopped me was the fact that Scotty was out of town, and I didn't feel like it would be right for me to ask someone to watch my kids so I could go see Hugh Jackman for a second night in a row. 

But Christie went the second night. With floor seats! (never in my life have I wanted floor seats at a concert until this. This is the one I should have been on the floor for!)

I suffered the greatest FOMO of my life. 

He was amazing! What a talented and gracious man! 

And so easy on the eyes. 

One night of Hugh Jackman will never be enough. 





EriKa said...

We bought the tickets in December also! As a family gift. That was a long wait. What a terrific show, I love that my boys got to see such a talented male role model. Although I confess I have never seen or read Les Miserables (eek). said...

You know what I was doing Thursday night... Sitting on a bucket in 100 degree heat trying to keep 7 teenagers from passing out after pushing a handcart up a massive hill.

Hugh Jackman doesn't even compete 😢