Wednesday, June 14, 2017

All the Rage

I have a confession. I love playing with my kids' fidget spinners. If I see one sitting around the house, I'll pick it up and spin it for as long as I can before they catch me and take it back.

Maybe I should have rules about fidget spinners. Like, if you leave it out, it's mine.

But meh.

I haven't come to a place in life where I want to enforce fidget spinner rules. For now, the only rule is that you can't take them to church.

Anyway, the fidget spinner craze has made me nostalgic for all of the fads of my own childhood.

In first grade, slap bracelets were banned from my school.

(Twenty-four years later, when Nicky took a slap bracelet to the face and had to get stitches, I was finally at peace with the slap bracelet ban of 1990).

In sixth grade, it was Pogs.

Our elementary would have special days when we were allowed to play with Pogs at recess, but we weren't allowed to play "for keeps." I'm not sure how they refereed all that.

In eighth grade, everyone snuck their Giga Pets or Tamogotchis in their backpacks.

I never had one, but I would often play with my friend's during social studies. 

In tenth grade, it was laser pointers.

It's been kind of fun to tell our kids about the crazes of our childhood. Of course, there were far more than just these, but these are the ones I remember causing problems at school. About the same time the secondary schools were having problems with laser pointers, elementary school was starting to have problems with Pokemon cards. My little brothers were in on that one.

What crazes causes problems in your school? Do you find it as exciting as I do to play with a fidget spinner?


Jana Weaver said...

Funny memories brought back... currently my kids are back in to Pokemon cards and they are trying to earn fidget spinners. Sadly, those things sort of drive me crazy (mostly due to my kids arguing over them) but I'm trying to remind myself that they're kids. (I'm putting rules down on the spinners though, they can only be used at home or in the car.)

Feisty Harriet said...

Pogs!!! Yas! I wasn't allowed to have the giga pet or tamagotchi's, but POGS! I was all about the pogs. In sixth grade, and sixth grade only. Ha!