Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'd Rather be Human

This week was rough. I don't have any real explanation for it, though. I was really tired all week and in a bit of a funk. I was also stressed with school and family responsibilities. There is an upcoming event that is really eating away at me - I won't bore you with the details, but I will say that it's something I wasn't supposed to have to do, but the people who were supposed to save me didn't save me, and now I have to tend to some responsibilities I thought I was going to be freed from.

So with that looming over me on top of my usual stressors, I think it triggered my depression. I haven't felt this bad in a long time.

After a few days of difficulty, I tried to get out in the sun and get some vitamin D in my system. Since it wasn't super cold (high forties) I took Eva and Zoe to the park.

  Weekend Fun

 It was really bright that day.

  Weekend Fun

They lasted about fifteen minutes before Zoe started whining that she wanted to go home. Zoe doesn't like being away from home, even if it's somewhere fun.  Eva, on the other hand, hates being home. So no matter where I am, I have at least one kid who's unhappy about it.

Later that day, I took Nicky in for his well-child appointment. On the way to the doctor's office, we saw a cloud that reminded us of Peter Pan's pirate ship.

Weekend Fun

That day was a short day at my kids' school, and then they had no school on Friday. Knowing I wasn't feeling the greatest, I was terrified of Friday (and also Monday... which is still to come). I decided I needed a game plan for handling my kids over the weekend, so I took them to Thanksgiving Point, and we bought a family pass. It was a bit of a splurge, but we had some Christmas money left from our parents and decided that would be a good way to spend it.

The kids and I spent Friday morning at the farm. The kids got unlimited pony rides, which is great except that half my kids, apparently, hate ponies.

Weekend Fun

Eva had her first pony ride, and I can't say she was thrilled about it, but she did stay on the horse, which is more than I expected from her (I had the lovely opportunity to walk around in circles holding her on the pony).

We stumbled across a very friendly calf who wanted some love. She was trying to snuggle all of us, and then she started nibbling my hair.

Weekend Fun

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe the calf wasn't looking for love. Maybe it was looking for food. It pretty much licked or chewed on every single one of us.

Weekend Fun

There was also a mama cow I had to get a picture of because she had a big old string of snot coming out of her nose.

Weekend Fun

I enjoy animals, but I am also very thankful to not be one. How would it be to be a cow and not be able to enjoy the satisfying feeling of blowing your nose into a tissue from a box you stole from a hotel room?

I'm also glad that I don't have crazy eyes like this goat.

Weekend Fun

And can you imagine how crappy it would be to be a ram and have big old horns blocking your peripherals and resting against your face?

Weekend Fun

This is what I'm going to think about from now on when I'm sad or stressed.

At least I'm not a ram!

(Is that even a ram? I don't really know).

I guess when given the choice, I'll be a depressed human rather than a stinky farm animal.

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