Thursday, March 9, 2017

Other Creative Things

Over the past few weeks, I've channeled my energy into some creative tasks.

For one, I dabbled in making weighted blankets. I made an experimental one for Zoe. I thought I was doing it the "easy" way, but I was actually do it the time-consuming, tedious way (story of my life!)

When it was finished, Zoe wasn't interested in it at all. Eva likes to use it sometimes, and Scotty has been sleeping with it on his legs to help with restless leg.


The next week I made another blanket and used a completely different process that ended up being much better. I gave that blanket to my friend's daughter who has autism. Now I'm going to make one for someone with fibromyalgia.

A year ago I painted my bathroom. Scotty and I made a frame to go around around the mirror, and I painted the cabinets.

Then I never finished the bathroom. This week I finally bought a shower curtain and hung some stuff on the walls.


I found the pink trays in the dollar bins at Target for $3. I added hardware to the backs and made them into shelves. I wasn't sure if pink was a good idea, but I figured I could paint them a different color later if I don't like the pink.

Now that it's all up on the wall, I'm sold on the pink. I like the color with the wood sign and the wood detail on the hooks. The pink stays!

(For now... I can guarantee I will paint them or take them down at some point because that's what I do).

Another thing I've been throwing my creativity into is a workshop series I'm teaching for my practicum. My first class is in two days. I'm very excited. I love my topic! I've created a three-part workshop about some of the scientific findings of happiness as well as depression, body image, comparison, perfection, and relationships. 

One part of my workshop that I'm really excited about is that I have prizes to give away! I wasn't required to provide prizes, but as I was reading my textbook that teaches family life educators how to create a workshop curriculum, one of the recommendations was to partner with other organizations. I started thinking about some of the organizations that I follow on Facebook, and I thought, "I wonder if any of them would be willing to donate items for a drawing for my workshops." So I emailed some people. Then I started getting responses. Pretty soon, I had a stack of materials to give away to deserving mothers. 



I love this. The workshop writing. I love to teach, I love to write, I love to learn, and I love to give people stuff. Maybe I'm even good at it. I don't know yet. I'll let you know. 


Jana Weaver said...

I'm excited to hear more about your workshops. Hope it goes well tomorrow!

Feisty Harriet said...

Yay pink! Yay blankets! YAY CLASS!!!


Trisha said...

Sorry I haven't been able to attend your workshops. I am sure they are really good!